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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Download Resetter Printer Epson T13 Terbaru

Download Resetter Printer Epson T13 Terbaru

Download Resetter Printer Epson T13 Terbaru | Cara reset ppson t13 bisa dilakukan jika printer sudah melebihi batas pencetakan 2000 lembar dan printer dalam kondisi lampu blink tidak bisa di operasikan karena minta direset konternya. Pada posting artikel kali ini Kolombloggratis.Org akan searching artikel tentang cara resetter epson t13 blinking 100% working, hal ini biasa terjadi bila lampu printer t13 blinking dan printer tidak bisa dioperasikan karena pada layar monitor menunjukkan konter sudah mencapai puncak resetter, tapi tenang saja karena pada posting artikel kali ini akan membahas cara mudah reset epson t13 dengan software resstter epson yang bisa sobat download secara gratis pada link download dibawah,... 

T13 resetter software can be used easily to reset epson T13 resetter with the provisions follow the steps below carefully, a reminder to perform printer maintenance and printer maintenance infusion moreover must be done so that the printer is not easily damaged from lack of care, ...

Cara Resetter Printer Epson T13 Terbaru
Download resetter printer T13
     Temporarily turn off antivirus on pc
     Run aolikasi resetter (AdjProg.exe)
     Click accept and click select
     Specify the printer brand
     At EPS select destination and click ok
     Select the particular adjustment mode
     Select waste ink pad counter then click ok
     Click the check (counter 7500 printer needs to be reset)
     Check the main pad counter and counter fl Boxes
     Click initialization (to reset the printer counter)
     Finish (selesei)
     Turn the printer off (restart)
     After 10 minutes turn the printer
     The printer is normal and can be operated
     If not normal, please take it to the service

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  1. The information you have shared is of great help to me as i was also planning to reset my printer & your post will help me a lot in doing that. Thanks for sharing it.
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